Revolution: Stick Foundation and Primer

Hi! As my first official blog review I was super excited to try out the new Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer and Fast Base Foundation Stick in the colour F2. Now, personally I adore Revolution as all of the makeup is super affordable and generally great quality. As you’ll know if you follow my Instagram (@txylortxylormakeup) I am OBSESSED with the Soph x Revolution eyeshadow palette lately so I’ve wanted to dig a little deeper and test more by the brand!

Primer is something that always confuses me, I don’t really know how to rate them but I think I like this? It’s a clear gel-like substance that glides on the skin and makes my face feel like silk (when I first bought it I put some on my hand like “MUM FEEL THIS PLZ” because it really does just feel so smooth) and actually seems to minimise the appearance of pores. However, because I literally never wear foundation without a primer underneath I honestly couldn’t tell you if it works – I have no clue! Apparently they make your makeup stay on for longer and generally my makeup lasts for a long ass time so yeah, why not! And for £5 you can’t really go wrong with this one (compared to my £26 Smashbox primer…)

The foundation on the other hand I really definitely like! It’s the first ever stick foundation I’ve tried and it’s soooo creamy and blends like an actual dream. It has a beautiful finish as my skin just looks so smooth and natural but it also has good coverage if that makes sense… I think it’s supposed to be full coverage and it damn well lives up to that! I’ve been told that this foundation is pretty drying and I really haven’t found that at all, I wore it for an entire day of shopping and work today and when applied it gives a very dewy finish (which I personally powder down around my oily areas after putting on concealer) and doesn’t show up my dry patches at all which is honestly a dream when your skin’s as temperamental as mine!


Also, I think it wore really well as I had the foundation on from about 11am to 11pm so that’s 12 hours and the only real issue I noticed is that it pretty much disappeared from my nose area as you can see in the photo below, this is because my nose has become super super oily lately and I never actually touch up my makeup.


Overall, I love these products. Will I continue using them? Definitely. Do I recommend them? Definitely! However, I do think the foundation stick may not be the best for people with super oily skin as I found it did break apart a lot around my nose, although with a little bit of powder and re-application it could be damn near perfect!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of this kind of longer review!

Products mentioned:

  • Soph x Revolution Palette, £10 –
  • Ultra Face Base Primer –
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer –
  • Fast Base Stick Foundation –—F2/m-6052.aspx


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